Docsfair, our topics are based on human stories! A view of the world through the eyes of our fellow human beings. Docsfair is the voice of the people! The voice of the people who are not heard, who do not get in the news and whom newspapers do not write about. Docsfair helps people who want to tell about themselves, their passion, their victories and defeats to realize their dream. Docsfair only makes positive films about people who do not stop their passion because of setbacks and who achieve great goals as a result. Stories that inform, motivate, inspire, encourage, give strength and hope to our viewers.

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“It was quite an experience and a very surprising documentary.”

- Rinze Joustra - Director Rinagro

"I found it impressive how powerful the characters were portrayed."

- Joeke van der Mei - Director Bartimeus

"I am proud of how the girls and Papageno house are represented."

- Christien Kuysters - Director Papageno House

"It has become a very beautiful documentary, has everything in it. Chapeau to the whole team"

- Michel Kappen - Director Scotch Whisky International


"This documentary has reflected the human dimension. This is much stronger than what we hear in the news."

- Vice Minister of Indonesia

Video Production

DOCSFAIR produces its own top quality documentaries together with an experienced team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in producing documentaries for the Dutch and European broadcasters. We work with the best editors-videographers and so on. This is what makes us professionals in the film industry.

Film Festival

DOCSFAIR is a unique international film festival that produces its own top quality documentaries together with an experienced team of professionals. This annual festival is the kick-off of all documentaries that were produced that year. Media, journalists, special quests, partners and broadcasters come together to watch the documentaries.

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Stichting DOCSFAIR, KvK 71838201, Mailing address: Adriaan Dorstmanplein 3, 1411 RC Naarden Vesting. Corporation

  1. documentary

    Human in Oil

    Palm oil is one of the oldest foods of humanity. Archaeologists found, during excavations, that people used it more than 3000 years ago. Today, palm oil has become unprecedentedly popular and is used in almost every food and many other biochemical products. Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producers. Millions of people are involved in the production of palm oil. Because there is a high demand for palm oil, it attracts a lot of attention from environmental and private organizations. Now farmers are forced to fight for their craft so that they and their families can survive.

  2. Documentary

    The Unseen Collection

    Our story originated more than 60 years ago in Italy, where a talented but blind musician had a hobby in collecting whisky. Over the years, his favorite hobby became a huge and expensive collection. He turned his own home into a warehouse of more than 3000 exclusive bottles.

  3. Documentary

    I Have A Dream

    This story is about two talented girls. They are completely different in nature, in their perception of the world and themselves in it. They are united by a passion for music. But not only music unite these girls, they both have the diagnose -autism. The story is about how they deal with autism and what they overcome every day in an effort to make their music heard.

  4. Documentary


    This story tells about two characters who have a different perception of the world because they have a visual impairment. Despite everything they are happy and live a full life, doing their favorite work, hobbies, and even travel. The unbroken spirit and willpower of these people is highly respected.

  5. Documentary


    Farmers in the Netherlands are fighting for a sutainable future and creating products with the greatest care for the resources of the land. The environment around us provides everything necessary for us humans. Only we all need to use these resources correctly, otherwise everything leads to environmental problems. Everything starts with a healthy soil (of: land).

  6. Film Festival

    Docsfair International Film Festival

    At the end of every year, Docsfair organizes a large festival to show all documentaries that were produced that year. In 2019 we welcomed the Vice Minister of Foreign affairs of Indonesia to open the documentary Human in Oil.

  7. Documentary - Coming Soon

    Beach Boys

    We are at the start of perhaps a new Olympic sport. For the new documentary Beach Boys, Docsfair follows 3 passionate men who have a dream to make Beach tennis an Olympic sport. A huge challenge with many setbacks and highlights. Docsfair follows them closely, Will they succeed? Will they write history? …

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DOCSFAIR's production team

With a Turkish, Russian, French and Dutch background, there is a lot of dimension among the directors of Docsfair. Therefore Docsfair has no borders. We are there for everyone who needs a voice.

Jean-Jacques van Bemmel

General Director, Producer

Maxime van Bemmel


Maria Kuznetsova

Business Director