We at DOCSFAIR are extremely honored that during this difficult time we have been able to preview a critical documentary in the most beautiful theater in the world. Pathe Tuschinski in Amsterdam. Together with a number of influential people and well-known politicians, we launched the film World War C. Politicians such as Wybren van Haga and Gideon

We at Docsfair are extremely grateful for all the love and support we got over the last year. In these complex times, we have been able to create the most amazing’s documentary films. It warms our heart that we can continue our mission giving the people a voice. With our latest short documentary 'Framing a Pandemic' we

DOCSFAIR presents COVID-19 "THE SYSTEM" COVID-19! The whole world is in LockDown. There is panic in society and people are afraid. What is going on here? Following the Prime Minister's speech about the highly contagious "Corona" virus, Nico Sloot, an international entrepreneur, joined forces with scientists, doctors, and experts to find answers to the questions surrounding the coronavirus. How dangerous is this virus? What