After lots of hard work, dedication and progress, Docsfair is now officially open. We hope to accomplish more successes and continue our mission: Giving the people a voice. Our studio is in the former municipality in the Netherlands 'het Gooi'. A vibrant place for the creative industry. The exact address is: Adriaan Dortsmanplein 3, 1411 RC Naarden.

Today was the last day of shooting for the COVID-19 documentary. With groundbreaking information about corona and the current situation of the world, this film will open your eyes and make your jaw drop to the floor. In a short period, our team managed to put all the pieces together and film everything we needed. Docsfair is very proud to announce that in November the first our

In a new movie about COVID-19 we go underneath the surface and try to discover what this pandemic is all about. Asking the big questions everyone has been waiting for. We visited virologists, doctors, politicians and authors in our search. Epidemiologist Dick Bijl who worked as editor-in-chief of the Medicines Bulletin is a fighter against the pharma

In “The hair doctor”, we follow Yilmaz Kahraman a successful businessman with one mission, making people happy. When Yilmaz Kahraman became older, he started losing some of his hair and discovered that people all over the world got the same problem. It is rarely talked about, and an overly sensitive subject for most man. Seeing the impact and