"The road to the olympics" Beach tennis is practiced in over 50 countries and there are more than half a million people all around the world playing it, having its greatest popularity in Italy, Brazil, and Spain. Beach tennis only started spreading around the world in the early 2000s, but it has quickly gained popularity in coastal areas

"Watching the game will never be the same" In this upcoming documentary, we follow a very successful businessman and his daughter. Making you look at sports as never before. With their unique platform, you can now use your sports knowledge in a fun and profound way. On-road too developing this platform you see the struggle

DOCSFAIR International film festival 2019 took place November 22, 2019 in the Pathé Arena in Amsterdam. Docsfair has shown 7 documentaries during this festival. For the documentary "Human in Oil", the Vice Minister of Foreign affairs of Indonesia came to the Netherlands to open the documentary. A day with a lot of publicity and media attention. Below a

The Film Human in Oil has had a huge positive impact on the palm oil problem. Docsfair is very happy to have contributed to this. It is important that people are heard. This is about life and death. With this documentary we show the face behind the Palm Oil industry. Read More links: https://www.antaranews.com/berita/1177443/film-human-in-oil-beri-perspektif-humanis-tentang-sawit-indonesiahttps://www.layar.id/film/film-human-in-oil-lawan-kampanye-hitam-kelapa-sawit/http://kabare.id/berita/sineas-belanda-bikin-film-dokumenter-tentang-petani-kelapa-sawit-indonesiahttps://terbaiknews.net/berita/internasional/film-human-in-oil-beri-perspektif-humanis-tentang-sawit-indonesia-3531273.htmlhttps://kemlu.go.id/portal/en/read/812/berita/human-in-oil-shares-humanist-perspective-of-indonesias-palm-oil-in-europehttps://indonesiawindow.com/en/understanding-oil-palm-through-human-in-oil/