Game Changers

“Watching the game will never be the same”

In this upcoming documentary, we follow a very successful businessman and his daughter. Making you look at sports as never before. With their unique platform, you can now use your sports knowledge in a fun and profound way. On-road too developing this platform you see the struggle and joy of this passionate entrepreneur and his daughter. He even sold his own house to pursue their dream. 

Leo Weijzig
“10 years ago I had a dream of a game that would bring people together and giving the real fan a voice. Now it’s time to manifest this dream into reality.”

The platform is called SPOXX, a well-designed app that allows you to win big by being a real fan. This app is also designed to serve the community by giving a fair share of the revenue to charity. We at Docsfair believe in their dream and want to tell this wonderful story of success and failure.

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