Beach Boys

“The road to the olympics”

Beach tennis is practiced in over 50 countries and there are more than half a million people all around the world playing it, having its greatest popularity in Italy, Brazil, and Spain. Beach tennis only started spreading around the world in the early 2000s, but it has quickly gained popularity in coastal areas all around the world. Beach tennis is played in doubles or singles on a field of 16 x 8 meters, just like beach volleyball. The film Beach Boys is about three passionate people Henk Klatter, Frank van Overeem, Michael Den Rooijen who are all experts on true beach sports.

We follow them on their journey to making this beautiful sport beach tennis live up to its potential, by making it a real Olympic sport. 

We also look at the lives of these passionate beach tennis athletes. We want to know more about who these people are and get to know the real face of beach tennis. This worldwide trend is growing and growing and needs to have his story told. We from Docsfair want to open the gates for new possibilities, and innovation to give you the best beach tennis cinematic experience off your life so join in.

Coming soon….

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